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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  January 31, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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he played a lot a lot of football. any time you have an opportunity to, you know, list stone someone like him speak, um, it's huge. i can't wait to listen to what wisdom and knowledge he gives us, and i know everyone on our team will be excited to hear him speak. >> as former player who has won a super bowl doug pederson can relate well with his guys. he says he appreciates the commitment from this team. >> i think my relationship with the players and having been in the dressing room for 14 years and been on some, arc couple super bowl teams myself, um, i can relate to the players, and that's, you know, that's just not talk. that's something that's real and yet there's a fine line. you still have to main tape head coach status. >> chris long has played under growth bell belicheck and doug pederson and recognizes the chess match that's coming on sunday. >> they're two great coaches. different styles, but, you know, really awesome coaches and if i were a fan sitting at home i'd be ready to enjoy this game and two great teams obviously it starts at the top.
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>> even though it's the super bowl, these players still have some interesting ways that they're trying to find some normalcy here in minnesota. hear how they're doing that coming up in sports, plus you have to see what matt collins was doing during interviews. that's coming up later, iain. >> kristen, look forward to that. thank you. hundreds of thousands of people of course starting to pack minneapolis for that big super bowl game with a crowd that big police are ramping up security to make sure everyone stays safe. fox 29's chris o'connell is live outside u.s. bank stadium tonight. chris? >> reporter: iain, good evening. the nfl is saying this is the largest security detail ever deployed for any super bowl. a ma'am moth task that started to years ago. if you come to this game expect the super bowl bowl -- this national security event. you'll see national guardsmen packing semi automatic rivals. you will see armored person mel carriers on nearly every block. the goal really to keep fans
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safe while making them feel comfortable when they come to the twin cities. now, the command center is using amazing geo mapping technology that tracks everyone of the 3,000 officers and gives then the ability to transmit like pictures right through their smart phone. today minneapolis police say the city is ready. super bowl change add lot since we last hosted this in 1992. since then our world has changed and we really need to make sure that as a symbol of our freedom for americans to get together and enjoy their pastimes we have to make sure and ensure their that are safety is first and for most. >> reporter: now state, local and federal authorities have already deployed mobile x-ray units for every vehicle that even comes close to this station -- to the stadium. they're also monitoring social media and joint terrorism task force in full effect. but law enforcement say they want to stay in the shadows. they want to stay behind the
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scenes as much as possible unless they're needed. iain. >> chris, thank you. the players are not the only ones facing off. philadelphia and boston city council presidents are throwing down at least on social media. the two city leaders are paying sunday's game little more interesting by placing a wager on the big game. fox 29's dawn timmeney is live at reading terminal market tonight with what's at stake. dawn? >> reporter: iain, some really good philadelphia food is at stake here from the readily terminal mark. a city only seeing green these days no one thinks it's going happen. >> friends is friends. sports is sports. we'll kick butt sunday night. >> with that council president door clark large add wager. >> game time she and her city are going down. >> if the eagles lose he'll send a basket full of reading terminal market goodies including chocolate covered onions an philly chocolate
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covered tower butter cake and soft pretzels. >> boston thinks they might have a shot at winning and if they do they're sending us a box of cannolis? really? >> filbert the pig deck out in his eagles gear as fans gear up howard mcelvy says his thee-year-old son is a big fan when he's awake this dad trying to tendon as many rallies as he can. >> if you let me know when the next one is, i'll be there. >> james price is a life long eagles fan. win or lose, he loves his birds. >> i like they're resiliency. i don't know another team in the league that had the type of injuries that this team has had and managed to get this far. so i'm happy. >> reporter: i love that guy. he says he has 14 different eagles outfits. that's how passionate he is about his birds. dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. iain? >> all right. dawn, sounds good. thank you. keep it right here on fox 29. we've got you covered.
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kristen will be back little later in the newscast on more from the twin cities. we are following a developing story out of city's mayfair neighborhood. philadelphia police are rest investigating after someone fired shots outside lincoln high school sending one person to a hospital. that school is still on lock down right now. police say that they got a call about gunshots fired around 4:15. we're told a group of adults started arguing and someone pulled out a gun hitting a 32-year-old man. he is now in extremely critical condition at temple hospital. this all happen during middle of two high school basketball gam games. >> i refereein refereeing the jn the alternate gym. the boys varsity game was going on in the other gym and the athletic director came running in and toll everybody get down, and get off the court and we d did. we just hid for cover. i think it's disgusting. adults coming to a school to a kids game with weapons.
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what do you think? >> police commissioner richard ross is now on the scene. police are reviewing surveillance video. no students were hurt. and no students were outside when those shots were fired. right now police don't have anyone in custody. all right. checking in on your fox 29 winter wet authority. as we take live look outside our studios in old city. the cold has taken hold. is there any relief in sight. >> let's get over to kathy orr. >> there's a little bit of relief, iain. >> okay. >> it's cold out there right now. cold enough to be making snow an lot of it in the poconos. the temperature is 31 in philadelphia. the high today 32. winds out of the south at ten so it's making feel like it's in the teens with wind chills also in the 20s. 31 in philadelphia with that southerly wind. pottstown 28. 19 in the poconos. overnight tonight those temperatures staying pretty stable with cloud cover and southerly wind and those temperatures will be warming toward tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning in philadelphia 29. 19 in the poconos. roller coaster weather. up and then down again we'll have super bowl update for here and of course in minneapolis and
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more snow on the way. i'll see you in just a few minutes. >> all right, kathy. thanks. happening now, some stunning political news. veteran philadelphia congressman and democratic power broker bob brady says he will not run for an 11th term in office. more than a 20 year career ser serving a deep blue second congressional district brady has never been strongly challenged on election day but a scandal involving payments allegedly made to convince a primary challenger to drop out has dogged brady for months. he was asked today whether the controversy led to his decision. >> my lawyers advised me based on their review of the status of the case and the statue of limitations expiring that i will not be charged in this case. >> how has that affected your feelings about the job. >> not at all. >> not at you will. >> no. not at all because i knew i wouldn't be charged it wouldn't affect in me in any way, shape or form. wouldn't affect my re-election. >> brady says his a accomplishments in washington were good claiming authorship of 14 bills that became law and he
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brought back to his district and region more than $15 billion worth of economic benefits. u.s. prosecutors will not retry new jersey senator bob mendez. last fall his trial end add hung jury. he was facing corruption charges for what prosecutors claim was the senator trading his political influence for gifts and campaign contributions. today's filing to dismiss all charges against the senator and his friend the florida eye dr. ends a five-year investigation. philadelphia's district attorney is vowing an even handed review of the monday morning fatal shooting of a virginia man by an off duty philadelphia police detective. bruce gordon is here now with the latest on case that may put some big pressure op larry krasner. >> reporter: iain, there is no disputing the incident began with the off duty detective trying to protect pedestrians after the virginia man struck one person then another on busy south broad street monday morning. what is in question is how that incident ended with the man dead and the off duty detective
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firing the fatal shots. we caught up with philadelphia district attorney larry krasner as his offices eagles pep rally wednesday and asked whether krasner had seen what police investigators have gathered regarding the incident. >> we have received some materials. there's more to receive. weary viewing what we have now and we're going to follow the evidence wherever it leads. >> reporter: off duty detective who's name has not yet been released confronted 31-year-old khalil lou wal after lou wall deliberately struck a president at broad and bigler around 7:30 monday morning. fox 29 has learned at least three video cameras including one on this nearby home recorded the incident. which the driver now out of his vehicle struggled with the detective. fox 29 has been told the detective fired several shots knocking the man to the ground. then continued firing. striking the man 13 times in all. the number of shots appeared to be somewhat of an issue for police commissioner richard ross when he discussed the case
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monday. >> there are some concerns because of the way the shots were fired and positioning and things like that. but at this time i'm just being very candid about the enact we do have some concerns about the discharge. >> reporter: philadelphia police have taken to twitter asking quote if you are a witness to the police shooting incident at broad and bigler or had any interaction with the operator of of the black honda accord, please contact the officer involved shooting (215)683-1866 as for krasner -- >> we have no favorite. we just intend to be completely even handed and fair and coming to conclusion about what occurred. >> krasner' election has district attorney while cheered by many was greeted with some scepticism in the police community. where some folks feared he would not give cops a fair shake in exactly these kind of investigations. so while the probe is now in police hands it will certainly end up in krasner's lap and the pressured to right by all sides will be intense. iain. >> bruce, thank you.
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while we of course are all focused on the super bowl and rightfully so there's another big event we got to focus on the puppy bowl and one of those pupp
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♪ that big super bowl game getting closer and closer from nick foles and chris long to nevell long bottom. well he's the local star of another big bowl the sunday puppy bowl. joyce evans met the cute little guy earlier who is actually a special needs dog. >> this guy doesn't like a puppy any more. he's big and he's really strong. you'll see that. like the eagles he's an under dog kick to the curb now standing in the winner's circle. >> up, all the way. that was cheating. cheating. >> reporter: this goodbye's
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name is nevell long bottom, yup, like the shy little harry potter character. but this pup's personality far from shy. and he can't hear a thing. >> we had him about two weeks and he was listening to anything that we said and kind of figure it out from there. >> reporter: getting his attention can be a challenge especially when he's not wearing his vibrating collar. >> look at this. oh, my goodness. bye, see ya. whoa! >> reporter: quite a handful at 70 pounds and only eight months old. even for his new mom rachel mc wade at hope veterinary specialists. >> how many teeth do you have, nevell? >> not nearly the size he was when street tails rescue in north philadelphia entered nevell to be selected for the puppy bowl. >> didn't even know. we had no idea he had been submitted. so it was like winning the lottery. >> reporter: it's a showcase mostly for pups up for adoption. there's also a team for contestants who have special
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needs, nevell played on both teams. >> he was a lineman. he was very strong. and he cared more about the peanut butter they had onset than he did the other dogs. >> reporter: won't know if he was on the winning teams until sunday. but he's already a winner. considering the awful fate nevell was facing being a homeless pitbull and deaf. >> so he's great with small dogs. um, everything. >> reporter: nevell goes to daycare and training classes. >> with these kind of dogs patience, you have to be patient it's not -- you can't train them verbally it's a little bit harder. but he's well worth the work. >> sit. >> give a paw. and then give mommy kisses. very good boy. >> reporter: not bad for an underdog in this world, right? sporting his puppy bowl and super bowl teams gear nevell is ready for sunday. >> he has worn this shirt every time they have played a game and won. we're sleeping in it the night before for good luck and then we're going to wear it all day on sunday probably monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and
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friday because they're going to win, right? >> reporter: then we'll wash it. that puppy bowl was played and recorded in mid october. so that was four and a half months ago. he was a pup then. but the winners will not be revealed until super bowl sunday. so go, nevell. and go, eagles. iain. >> fly eagles fly. joyce, thanks. let's get back to your fox 29 weather authority now as we take live look at the brutally cold night in wilmington. guess what, kathy is tracking snow. her forecast in just 15 seconds. >> cold night if you're stepping out tonight by tomorrow afternoon we'll be warping up. on the parkway it's looking go good. little bit of a windy evening temperature is 31. winds out of the south at ten. southerly winds really a decent wind for us but it's so darn cold it doesn't make a difference right now. 19 in the poconos.
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31 in wilmington. 29 in millville and atlantic city. with a partly cloudy sky. we have front coming and that's going to create a little more wind and some rain moving our way. right now it feels like eight in the poconos. southerly winds making it feel like 21 in wilmington. 19 in reading and lancaster. if you're stepping out in philadelphia, it feels like it's 22. so bundle up. we have those southerly winds ahead of this front. we have snow on the back side of it, but for us we stay on the warm side of this. it comes through tomorrow night. so we see some afternoon evening rain showers on the back side we have have the cold originally it look like okay this will change over to snow by friday. but it looks like the moisture will be gone before the cold moves in. this happens a lot in the spring. more like a march type situation. but we'll take it. that makes for a dry friday. but then we have another scenario. another area of low pressure that could bring rain and wet snow sunday. there's going to be secondary development off the coast. how close will that low be? that's still a question. well, look at tailgate weather.
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this is out in minneapolis. it will be only 6 degrees in the afternoon in minneapolis. outside for any tailgators and boy the time the game is played, it will be even colder. 2 degrees with wind chills at about 12 below outside. that will be the coldest dome stadium kick off ever in super bowl history there's honor. inside the stadium thankfully everyone will be comfortable at about 70 degrees. overnight tonight, low temperatures mainly in the 20s. in the poconos 19. those snow machines will be going all night with these cold temperatures. tomorrow 47 with rain, rain ending early friday and then the cold comes in. how cold, well, the high only they are 34 for groundhog day on friday. saturday 33 with morning low of 19. wintry mix super bowl sunday. temperatures staying in the 40s next week. that's look at our local forecast. kristen, how are you holding up at the mall of america? i mean i know you're inside, right, you're a little cozy. [ laughter ]
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>> yeah, little crazy. little bit of snow yesterday that's the only weather that i'm tracking right now. but coming up there's so much distractions here at the super bowl. just look at mall of america. how the eagles are finding some normalcy in their every day routine plus you have to hear what matt collins s
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♪ well the countdown is on. we are just four days away from the super bowl and you can tell that we're getting closer because media row is starring to
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get lit over here at mall of america. eagles though despite all of these distractions they're staying very loose. check out matt collins earlier today during interviews not on his phone not looking at something else. he's playing with rubik's cube. we'll update on how he did with that rubik's cube coming up in just a few much that's one of the ways how the eagles are trying to again stay loose. find some normalcy despite all the distractions of the super bowl and each player has their own unique way to do just that. >> i caught myself doing that the first day. kind of relaxed a little bit. because you just want to relax. i didn't know they had standing room. today i'm back in night regimen. today is wednesday. get back into the flow of what we do. >> it's not armageddon coming much it's just another game. we'll have fun with it and that's really it. >> it's not armageddon lane johnson knows what's up right there. threats take another look at
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matt collins still taking on this rubik's cube. he was going after it today. we'll see if he finishes it coming up in just a few. but roger goodell nfl commissioner held its state of the league address earlier today and of course he talk about wide variety of topics including the eagles going from a sub 500 season to being on the cusp of a vince lombardi trophy. >> the eagles are a great example of how quickly things can change in the nfl. they represented hope and symbol for fans of teams who had a tough year. anything is possible and the eagles are proof of that. >> okay. so before i toss it back to you, iain, yes, matt collins did finish the rubik's cube. let's take one final look at collins and that rubik's cube. >> i'm over here solving the cube. you're on the youtube. >> you already solved it.
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>> yeah. see. too much talking that's what happened. you blink you might miss it. >> really this took him two seconds to finish. guy is amazing he did it right as i was trying to capture it on social media. you have to love that ferris bueller preference. taking a look at 10:00 our first look at the eagles practice for super bowl lii finally getting back into their routine. we'll have that for you coming up later tonight. iain? >> all right, kristen. sounds good. gad he solved the rubik's cube. let's hope he can solve the patriots. >> yes. >> on sunday. >> if you can figure out the rubik's cube, i think -- >> you shall be able to fix out the patriots. >> i don't know if they're complicate. >> i agree with on that. >> thanks for giving us inside look, kristen. we'll check back with you later tonight. up next is page six, dish nation at 7:00 and tmz at 7:30. have a great night. we'll see you back here at 10:00. look at that moon.
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right now on "page six tv," who says brittany spears may unite with her ex, justin timberlake at the game? from behind bars, when did victoria beckham decide a $4,000 coffee machine was everything? and why is blue ivy having the best week ever? all the answers right now on "page six tv." [cheering and applauding] >> welcome to "page six tv." i'm john fugelsang. here are today's top stories. justin timberlake is 37 years old today. happy birthday to him. [cheering and applauding] >> things are finally going his way, but could his biggest birthday present coming from his most famous ex? here with the inside super bowl school, "page six tv" carlos


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